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Numax Rates Basic Package
Number of user 5
Latest airline circular rates
Historic airline circular rates
Future airline circular rates
AMS and other charges integration
Number of Origins 5
Number of Destinations 1304
Number of Airlines 154
View Offline carriers
Edit Chargeable weight
Edit Published rate for single quotation
Next slab break point weight display
Airline actual tariff name display
Airline contacts for sales and accounts
Airline terms and condition view
Multi dimension volume calculator
User role
Create associate with full privilege
Creating Accounts associate
Create associate with buy/sell privilege restriction
Quotation download
Add customer details to quotation
Customization in quotation display/download style
Add buy/sell into Quotation
Search historic quotation data
Last 5 quotation quick access
Airline terms and condition in quotation
Custom terms and condition in quotation
Add comments to the quotation
Default Organisation name in Quotation
Manage Airline contact
One click buy rate
Circular Management
Customisable General Tariff Mode
Update to later airline circular rate
Auto Sync to latest circulars
SMTP email integration
Custom email template
Email signature
Settings and customization
Personalized Theme
Surcharge type visibility in quotation
Customer contact management
Create group of customers of contract
Manage multiple contacts within customer (organisation)